Ultimate Steampunk
This is typical of the camps I set up in living history settings. The intention is to now do the same for Steampunk.

A co-operative group interested in camping and outdoor life with an old school / steampunk twist.

Just the seeds of an idea at the moment but given the number of old re-enactors I’ve encountered in the Steampunk community, one that might possibly grow.

I’ve spent a good deal of my life under canvas from backpacking and bushcraft to festivals and living history camps like the one shown above. I believe the camaraderie of the camp fire is hard to beat and I think there may be others out there that feel the same.

I have access to a couple of campsites where we could set up a Steampunk encampment. It wouldn’t take much to cover our costs and I already have much of the communal equipment we might require.     All we need is the will to make it work.

This is probably an idea for the 2018 season which I will start working on this Autumn, but if you are interested, visit the FaceBook page here, drop me a line or watch out for announcements below.


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